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At Play for Real we believe that parents and other caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. We see our role as helping you to understand your child and how their particular strengths and challenges affect them in all aspects of their life. We’ll also be sharing some ideas that you can use to help you support your child. 

What’s this Blog about?

In this blog we’ll be talking about the different pieces that go together to make your child the unique individual he or she is. We’ll talk about how their sensory system/make up, motor and communication skills affect how they experience and interact in their world and with the people in it. We will also be providing tips and strategies to go along with each section.

What we Believe

At Play for Real we have some beliefs that guide our work with children and their families. Some of these are:
  • parents and other caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. 
  • children thrive through strong and positive relationships.
  • play is the natural way that children learn and develop the skills they need to be happy and successful in life. 
  • Every child and every family is different and therapy should be tailored to match what is most important to the family.


These beliefs are in line with the therapeutic approach of DIRFloortime, and that’s why we use this as our model at Play for Real. You may or may not have heard of DIRFloortime, so we’ll start out our blogs with talking about what it is and why it’s such a wonderful way for bringing out the best in your child!

Next Time:

We will give an overview of DIRFloortime.

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